WP PROFILE and KP scharfkant

Husemann & Hücking's bearing profiles include the well-known WP PROFILE and KP sharp-edged product groups. Both programs are indispensable design elements for almost every solution in metal construction. In addition, individual dimensions of WP PROFILES and KP sharp-edged are also offered in stainless steel and Corten under the brand name SEQUOIASTEEL.

In addition to standard profiles, Husemann & Hücking's production programme also includes special profiles, stainless steel profiles and profile systems made of steel. For more information, please visit our website.

KP scharfkant

1919 until 2019

100 years of experience with profile sections
Husemann & Hücking is a specialist for open and welded special profile sections, stop profile sections and profile systems. The experience gained in more than 100 years and the commitment to the steel trade that ranges from metalworking craftsmen to large-scale manufacturers make the company a reliable partner for every range of applications all around steel profile sections.